Chipcheck System

Field trials have proven the ChipCheck prototype flexibility and capability. The Technology Readiness Level of the finished prototype is very high and, after some refinement and testing with a wide range of electronic components, it is expected that the first commercialised system could be on the market in as little as 6 to 12 months. Innospexion are now taking orders for improved ChipCheck inspection systems.

The resulting ChipCheck system has been developed so that it is as modular as possible, allowing a choice of sources and mechanical feeders dependent on the electronic component technology to be inspected by the customer. In this way the price of the whole system is reduced and the customer only pays for the functionality that he/she wants.

The ChipCheck Counterfeit Component Inspection System

The ChipCheck Counterfeit Component Inspection System (Inspecting components on reels)

Connecting the waffle XY table into the ChipCheck inspection chamber

ChipCheck System software running on control PC

Please contact InnospeXion for more information or to visit to see a demo of the ChipCheck system.