Members Area

Maureen John :: 17-APR-13
All submitted deliverables, the 27M periodic activity report and the final report have now been uploaded to the project files folder.

Ian Nicholson :: 25-APR-12
Hello All, I added the EC 9month assessment report. It can be found in the project files at Location: /CONTRACTUAL/EC FEEDBACK/9M ASSESSMENT REPORT

Maureen John :: 29-NOV-11
The 9 month activity report and appendices has now been uploaded to the project website. Apologies for the delay.

Maureen John :: 01-SEP-11
The 9M activity report and majority of due deliverables have now been submitted to EU via their websire SESAM. All submitted deliverables are available for you to view in project files / Deliverables

Maureen John :: 07-JUN-11
The latest contact information we have for all Chipcheck partners has now been uploaded into sub-folder Partners (Chipcheck_partners_6June2011) . Please advise if you find any errors/omissions in the file and I will ensure the list is updated.

Peddar Kerry :: 02-MAR-11
Dear Partners Amendment 1 to the Grant Agreement has now been formalised by the EC, so you will now see the revised Annex I DOW and Consortium Agreement in the 'Contractual' file in the members area.

Maureen John :: 23-FEB-11
The template to be used for producing your ChipCheck deliverable report, can be found in folder : Project Files / Deliverables. A list of the deliverables can also be found in the same folder

Ian Nicholson :: 22-DEC-10
Welcome to the private area of the ChipCheck website.